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Michael Dykes
Chief of Police

Woodfin PD Patch

I am honored to serve as the Chief of Police for the Town of Woodfin and to work alongside the dedicated and professional men and women who serve and protect your community.

The Woodfin Police Department is a full-service agency providing police protection to its over 7,000 residents and approximately 60.000 travelers who pass through Woodfin daily.

As our community continues to grow, the Department will strive to allocate the necessary resources to keep the Town one of the safest in North Carolina. This can only be accomplished through a partnership with the community. Therefore, I ask you to collaborate with us and report any problems to us that you have in your neighborhood. Working together provides the best solutions.  I encourage you to contact me directly if you have any issues.

You can stop by Woodfin Town Hall at 90 Elk Mountain Rd.

You can also call me at (828) 253-4889 or email me at mikedykes@woodfin-nc.gov

Michael J. Dykes
Chief of Police


In the event of a non-emergency police call, please phone us at 828 253-4889, 24 hours a day to be connected with a police officer.

For the second year in a row, Woodfin has been named one of the top 20 Safest Cities in North Carolina by The Safe Wise Report. Improving on last year’s position by moving up to the 14th spot from number 20 last year the Woodfin Police Department has been recognized for making the Town of Woodfin a safe place to live, work and play.

We're proud to be recognized for our efforts, but we're even prouder of the fact that the police department has been able to help maintain the safe, small-town feel that is so important to our citizens. The only reason we're able to do that is because of the deep support from the citizens and our elected leaders.Chef001
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Here you can interact and find out more about what is happening in our community. The Woodfin Police Department strives to maintain the safest community in North Carolina. Along with extensive training and superior equipment, our Department still relies most heavily on information provided by the people of Woodfin. If you are a witness to a crime or suspect criminal activity please contact your Woodfin Police Department. Also, if you’re out and about, please make a point to introduce yourself to one or more of our police officers we’re always here to help and the more you get to know your Police Officers the more you’ll realize that.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCESVisit the Police to Citizen page for details of Police Activities.
Visit the Crime Reports page to see criminal activity that has occurred in your neighborhood.

  • pdAnnualReport2018Download a PDF of our 2018 Annual Report HERE
  • Alarm-PermitDownload a PDF of the Alarm Permit HERE
  • Alarm-PermitDownload a PDF of the Security Check Request HERE

GOING OUT OF TOWN?Contact the Woodfin Police Department at 828 253-4889 and we’ll place an extra check on your home to help make sure that your property is protected.

CONCERNED ABOUT AN ILL OR ELDERLY NEIGHBOR?If you suspect that an ill or elderly neighbor has taken a turn for the worse or if you are unexpectedly unable to make contact with them contact the Woodfin Police Department at 828 253-4889 and we’ll try to make contact with the individual in question.