Stormwater Utility Fee FAQs

What is a stormwater utility?

How do I pay my bill?

Who pays the stormwater fee?

When does the stormwater fee go into effect? When is it due?

How is the fee determined?

What is an ERU?

What is an impervious surface?

How does the town determine impervious area?

Why does the Town need to manage stormwater runoff?

Hasn't the Town always had stormwater infrastructure?

Why has the Stormwater Utility Fee been recommended as a funding mechanism?

Were other options considered to pay for the town's stormwater program?

How will the money collected by the Stormwater Utility be used?

How much money will the stormwater utility collect?

Have other towns implemented stormwater utilities?

What if I want to appeal my fee?

What if I am unable to pay my bill?