Comprehensive Plan Update 12/02/2021

One of the initial steps in the preparation of Woodfin’s Comprehensive Plan is the assessment of existing conditions, natural features, and infrastructure. An important tool used in this assessment is maps that visually present information about the Town. The maps prepared for Woodfin’s Comprehensive Plan include those that:

  • Identify sensitive natural areas (flood areas and slopes) on which development should be limited;
  • Identify current zoning of property in the Town, indicating where different types of development can occur;
  • Identify major streets and roads in the Town with traffic counts, indicating where more intense development may be appropriate as it can be served by the existing infrastructure;
  • Identify publicly owned property, which may have the potential to be used for community facilities and to meet community needs.

These maps provide an overview of some of the current conditions in the Town. They will be used to guide some of the recommendations that will be presented later in the process of drafting  Woodfin’s Comprehensive Plan. One of the important uses of the maps will be their use as the foundation for creating a Future Land Use Map for the Town. The Future Land Use Map will be used to guide zoning and development decisions and policies.

Flood Hazard
Property by Tax Value
Publicly Owned Parcels
Zoning - Existing
Annual Average Daily Traffic