Comprehensive Plan Updates
Welcome to the digital hub for Woodfin Together – the project to create the Town of Woodfin’s new Comprehensive Plan! Woodfin Together is the vision and plan for how our community will grow over the next twenty years. 

Your voice in this process is critical for shaping the future of the town.

The Draft Comprehensive Plan is HERE for public review and feedback!
(link updated 11-30-23)

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The Comprehensive Plan is the town’s highest level communitywide policy document. It contains a long-term vision, with short term strategies and policies to help achieve it.

Woodfin Together is a communitywide effort to develop a unified vision and plan for the future. The planning process will last throughout 2023 and there will be multiple opportunities for community input. Community input sets the direction for plan goals and policies. The Woodfin Comprehensive Plan will address community elements such as land use, transportation, public services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, and natural and cultural resources.

A future land use map (FLUM) will also be prepared as part of this project. The FLUM will guide zoning and other land use decisions in a manner that is compatible with the identified vision outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. The FLUM will ultimately act as a policy tool that guides the Planning Board’s and Town Council’s land use decisions.

Check out a video from Buncombe County that visually explains what a comprehensive plan is and what it contains, the planning process, and importance of community involvement.

Comp Plan Timeline

Steering Committee

A Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee (CPSC) will help staff guide the work of the plan and goals for the Town along with citizen engagement.  To learn more, click here.

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