Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Woodfin has begun the second phase of the Comprehensive Plan update with a kick-off presentation to Town Council on January 17, 2023.  Nate Baker with Quantum Consultants and Kristy Carter with Traffic Planning & Design are the lead consultants for the update.  This planning initiative will establish a unified vision, goals and priorities to guide future growth and development within the Town and areas in close proximity. It will also provide a basis for decision-making, problem-solving and policy development for the Town over the next 10-20 years. The Woodfin Comprehensive Plan will address community elements such as land use, transportation, public services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, and natural and cultural resources.

A future land use map (FLUM) will also be prepared as part of this project. The FLUM will guide zoning and other land use decisions in a manner that is compatible with the identified vision outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. The FLUM will ultimately act as a policy tool that guides the Planning Board’s and Town Council’s land use decisions.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of a successful comprehensive planning process.  During the initial kick-off phase completed January 17-19th our consultants interviewed multiple community stakeholders such as businesses, non-profits, community volunteers, utility providers, and housing advocates. Please follow this page or check back frequently for details on community engagement and how to get involved soon as spring arrives.

Check out a video from Buncombe County that visually explains what a comprehensive plan is and what it contains, the planning process, and importance of community involvement.

A Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee (CPSC) will help staff guide the work of the plan and goals for the Town along with citizen engagement.  To learn more about the Steering Committee, click here.

Date  (Phase 1) Update
October 27, 2021 General Plan Information
November 15, 2021 Process Discussion
December 2, 2021 Initial Steps
December 17, 2021 Comprehensive Plan Survey
January 11, 2022 Meeting Agenda | Video
February 10, 2022 Public Input Session Video
March 9, 2022 Meeting Agenda | Video
March 15, 2022 Land Use Character Areas
April 14, 2022 Meeting Agenda Video
 Date  (Phase 2)  
January 18, 2023  Meeting Agenda | Summary
 Late March (Date TBA)  Meeting Agenda