Woodfin Greenway and Blueway
The Town of Woodfin is developing recreational facilities along the French Broad River for the benefit of its citizens and the larger community. The Woodfin Greenway and Blueway (WGB) is a major component of this overall effort that connects a new park and an expanded park to one another. The project moves us closer to the vision of greenway connection from Reynolds Mountain to the River Arts District Asheville.

In an effort to improve conditions for citizens and businesses the Town Board believed that the creation of a greenway and park system along the French Broad would enhance property values, encourage investment and improve the lives of our citizens. The community agreed and overwhelmingly voted to partially fund the project through a 2016 bond referendum.

The entire WGB project is made possible through the generous donations, contributions, and funding by Buncombe County, Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority, NCDOT, and several other passionate supporters.

Riverlink and Buncombe County Recreation Services are the Town's primary partners driving the project toward completion.

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Riverside Park was originally built in 1998 after the 4-acre site was donated to the Town of Woodfin for that purpose. The Town will expand the current Riverside Park southward by almost 4 additional acres. Riverside Park is one of the most-loved places for recreation in Woodfin, and the expansion doubles the size of the existing area. This move will mean a generous park expansion, including changing rooms and restrooms, an overlook pavilion, and a spectator area to observe action on the Wave; in addition to much better siting for the greenway and Wave, greatly expanded parking, and a seriously needed environmental restoration. A new river access ramp will also be included.

Plan for Riverside Park expansion

Planning and Design
The Master Plan for the expanded park is completed, and the Town purchased the former Waste Pro property adjacent to the existing park in July 2020. This additional land is critical to provide the access and supportive facilities for the Wave, which will be adjacent to the park. Following an extensive public engagement process that netted approximately 700 respondents, design for Riverside Park (led by Equinox) has passed the 30% design milestone. 
See the 60% design here.

Costs and Funding
The cost estimate for this project is $7.7 Million. Funding for this project originates from: the Town of Woodfin bonds voters authorized in 2016, Buncombe County Tourism Authority’s Tourism Product Development Fund, and donors and supporters through RiverLink.

Lead Agency
Town of Woodfin is overseeing the design and construction of Riverside Park.

The Town of Woodfin has approved the Riverside Park Master Plan and 60% design, as proposed by local landscape architecture firm Equinox Environmental. Design for the park has paralleled that of the Wave due to the dependencies between these 2 recreational assets.

  • Design and permitting are expected to be complete by late Summer 2023
  • Construction award in Fall 2023
  • Construction completion: 18 months


The Whitewater Wave will be a world-class river wave – perfect for a broad range of kayakers and surfers with intermediate to advanced skills. It will be created from a carefully designed and engineered ledge feature, made of natural rock and concrete, that is installed in the riverbed.  A preliminary design and feasibility study was completed for the Wave project in the fall of 2016, and can be viewed here. This conceptual document was supplemented in 2017 by a hydraulic analysis, which may be viewed here. The project’s design consultant, S2o Design and Engineering, indicates that the Whitewater Wave could be very similar to the Camphill Surf Park they designed on the Hawea River in New Zealand. The Wave will be sited adjacent to Riverside Park and the new greenway, in the Town of Woodfin.

Planning and Design
As a subcontractor working with local landscape architecture firm Equinox Environmental, S20 Design and Engineering brings their substantial experience to Woodfin for design of the Wave.

Costs and Funding
The estimated cost for The Wave is $3.9 million. Funds for it originate from the Town of Woodfin bonds that voters authorized in 2016, Friends of the Woodfin Greenway and Blueway, Buncombe County Tourism Authority’s Tourism Product Development Fund and generous donations from private parties.

Lead Agency
Town of Woodfin is overseeing the design and construction of the Wave.


  • Design and permitting are expected to be complete by late Summer 2023
  • Construction award in Fall 2023
  • Construction completion: 6 months


The Town of Woodfin’s 5 miles of 10-foot greenway trails will be part of a larger urban trail network that will extend through Asheville and beyond. Beginning at Woodfin’s southern town limit near the intersection of Broadway and Riverside Drive, the French Broad River section will follow the river north to the point where Beaverdam Creek enters the French Broad near the Mill at Riverside. The relatively short Beaverdam Creek section will follow the Creek upstream through its delightfully wooded and secluded gorge to come out near Merrimon Ave at the base of Reynolds Mountain. Over much of the route the greenways will parallel the path of the Craggy Mountain Line excursion railway. The French Broad section of greenway will trace the route of the historic Drovers’ Road, the busy transportation path that connected east Tennessee to South Carolina and preceded the railway era in Buncombe County.

Planning and Design
The French Broad River and Beaverdam Creek Greenways’ Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study was completed in 2011, and provides an outline for the project as well as defines the general routing of the planned greenways. The French Broad River greenway segment, also known as NC Highway 251 greenway, is currently deep into its detailed design phase. Barring any major hurdles, construction for the French Broad River greenway is set to begin before the end of 2023. Although design for the Beaverdam Creek Greenway is anticipated to lag behind, construction is expected to occur simultaneously. The French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization, meanwhile, continues to prioritize this 5-mile greenway as one of two NCDOT District 13 priorities.

Costs and Funding
Buncombe County’s current estimate to design, engineer and construct the greenways total $16.5 million. The project utilizes funding allocated by the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority’s Tourism Development Product Fund, the NCDOT administered federal Surface Transportation Program, Woodfin General Obligation bond referendum, and Buncombe County appropriations. Despite this, private funding is critical to meeting the project budget. Please consider increasing your impact with a donation!

In May 2022, Buncombe County was awarded a federal grant of $7.6 million for the Woodfin Greenway.  It is the largest single award so far for the WGB!  This was part of the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and disbursement of the Locally Administered Project Program (LAPP).

Lead Agency
Buncombe County government, on behalf of the Town of Woodfin pursuant to a memorandum of agreement November 17, 2017. The Town has responsibility for post-project operations and maintenance.

The basic sequential timeline for the greenway project is as follows:

  • Environmental permitting approval August 2022
  • Right of Way plan approval and beginning of acquisition Spring 2023
  • Right of Way certification Winter 2024
  • Construction Award Summer 2024
  • Construction completion: 24 months from construction contract award


The newly opened Silver-Line Park is built on a 4.5-acre site donated to the Town of Woodfin in 2012 by the Silver family, founders of Silver-Line Plastics. The Park provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities including, access to the river for recreational purposes, a children’s playground, and a connection with the Craggy Mountain Rail Line. Amenities include a trailer-ready boat ramp for river access, generous parking, picnic areas, riverbank restoration, a children’s playground, natural and constructed wetlands, public restrooms and walking trails.

Silver-Line park officially opened April 21, 2022.

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