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    Curbside Management

    The Town of Woodfin is committed to preserving our natural environment and one of the most important elements each of us can contribute to this endeavor is by taking responsibility for reducing our own impact on our planet’s limited resources. The Town of Woodfin tries to make this as easy as possible for residents by offering weekly recycling pickup for our residential garbage collections. Your recycling should be placed at the street on the day of scheduled pickup and emptied bins should be removed from the street that same evening.

    Recycling Program Brochure

    Download Recycling Brochure

    Citizens are provided with two bins per household one for mixed paper (that comes equipped with a fitted lid) and one for cans, bottles, and other recyclables. The bins provided by the Town remain the property of the Town of Woodfin and should not be removed from the premises. In addition to the recycling bins provided by the Town citizens may provide additional bins of their own or may purchase additional municipal bins. Corrugated cardboard should be broken down and stacked neatly next to the recycling containers. Please do not place recycling in blue or clear plastic bags, these will likely be mistaken for garbage and will not be taken by the recycling service.

    Can’t wait till recycling day? Curbside Management has a convenient drop off location located at 116 North Woodfin Avenue near the intersection of Merrimon Avenue and North Woodfin Avenue.

    Recycling Services are contracted by the Town through Curbside Management. If you have a missed collection or a question about recycling service please call 828. 252-2532. If you are unable to get your issue resolved by speaking with representatives from Curbside Management please contact your Town Hall.

    What Kind of an Impact Are We Making?

    Have you ever wondered how much of difference recycling 1 aluminum can really makes?

    The energy saved by recycling 1 aluminum can is about the equivalent of 1 cup of gasoline. Or to look at it another way the energy saved from recycling 1 aluminum can could power a standard sized television for about 3 hours. In fact it takes about 95% less energy to make a recycled aluminum can than it does to make a brand new one.